Readers’ Problems

As readers we all have our own reading habits. Some are mobile readers, which means they move a lot and change many positions while reading. others are immobile or still readers. However giving into reading passion can also cause problems. But do we stop reading ? NOO

In this post I will be talking about my main three reading problems.

Weaken eyesight 


The more you spend time reading in the dark the more you get eyestrain and weak eyesight. EXPERIENCED!


Hunched Posture


Yeah, But i don’t really get how to sit straight. It makes me annoyed.


Reading Slumps


This is when i feel guilty, angry and sad. I dread reading slumps because it makes me feel like I almost betray my beloved book. However I think we should not force ourselves. The mood for it will come eventually.

Few tips:

Bookstagram – watching those lovely photos and comments and posts makes me really hungry for a good read

Scented candle – just make the mood for it

Book Treasure – Select few of your all time favourite books to read during a reading slump.

Watch Booktube




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