Fangirl : 10 Reasons Why You Should Read Fangirl


Author           : Rainbow Rowell

Genre             : Contemporary Young Adult

Protagonist  :   Cath Avery

This book won the affection of contemporary, YA readers in a wink of an eye. If you still didn’t get the chance to read this amazing book or if you’re still contemplating whether to buy this , is it worth reading, then here are 10 reasons why you should get your hands on this book.

🔴 Fangirl is basically about the college life of Cath Avery, who is your typical shy and nerdy introvert. ( who doesn’t like to read about  introverts?)

🔴 Cath is a blogger  and an online writer. ( relatable?? Then why not read it)

🔴 It’s a witty, fun and a quick read.

🔴 It tells you what to expect in your college life , what you should do and what you should not.

🔴 Tells  how to face your fears .

🔴 Encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, to explore the amazing world beyond your safe , little shell.

🔴 The book has a fandom ( omg!!!) , a story quite similar to Harry Potter.

🔴 Rowell has portrayed the bond of Sisterhood at its best. ( finally a book where the sisters do not claw each others’ eyes out)

🔴 Reading this book will always give you that exciting , bubbly feeling. If you’re in college this is definitely for you. If you’re out of college this book will never fail to bring those sweet memories back.

🔴 Lastly, the characters are real. The have flaws. All of them. No one in this book is perfect and they accept the fact that they are not perfect. This is about us. The imperfect humans.

So these are the reasons why you should definitely read Fangirl. Go get your copy now!

Happy Reading ❤️

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