The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

✨No Spoilers✨

This book leaves me satisfied, confused,sad ,happy .. basically an emotional mess.

The setting of The Book Thief is Nazi Germany. The story is narrated by Death. The main character a girl named Liesel Meminger who lives with her foster parents.

Positive Comments

What I like most about the book is Zusak’s characterisation. It is so diverse  it makes you ponder on each character and their role on the book. Death, Liesel, The foster mother Rose, the foster father Hans, and even the trivial characters like the two guards at the train station, the gravediggers  contribute immensely to the plot.

The incorporation of German sentences here and there in the book is so effective it gives this sense of authenticity, that we are actually in Germany while reading.

The book is witty yet heart-touching.

The use if symbolism is beautiful.

A real quick read.

Negative Comments

However the truth should be told. I did not feel connected with the protagonist or the narrator or the book. No doubt the characters are beautifully crafted but still there’s something missing.  I did not get that spark once I finish the book. I really wish I had.

Reasons being some of the literary techniques didn’t work well with me. For example the Death narrator says about a dark chocolate coloured sky . I mean why? I find some of these references absurd.

Do I Reccomend? 

The answer is Yes.


This book like I said earlier can be absurd at one point but it’s a beautiful read. It is definitely not your everyday novel. It has a unique writing style.  So why not try something new right.


Go ahead with this uniquely enchanting book!

Happy reading 💛

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